Professional Licensed Land Surveyor - Property Developer
Mark Robertson's Imagination for Land Surveying

Qualified . Licensed in the state of Missouri
Experienced . 13 years in the industry locally
Versatile . Skilled in Project Management (Client Coordination, Budget, Proposal, Planning, Research, Design, Mapping, Billing), Workforce Management, Boundary Analysis, Legal Descriptions, Agency Coordination, Commercial ALTA Surveys, Subdivision Mapping, Large Tract Surveys, Engineering Base Maps

Property development is complicated. Surveying, drafting, agency coordination, and work-force management are not enough. These pieces, and many more, must be produced and used in the correct way to complete the development of property.

These diverse tasks should be taken on by professionals who have the skills and who have the experience to do the job right.

Large projects require teams of professionals working in each of these areas. Members of such teams work best when they are familiar not only with their own tasks, but with all other aspects of the job. This allows each member to know how to work best with the other members of the team.

Small projects don't have the resources to support a whole team. In this case, these diverse tasks must be taken on by a single professional who is able to do every task that the job requires.

In either case, large projects or small, professionals need to be capable of doing each and every task that is required for good property development.

This combination of versatility and experience is exactly what I bring to each project that I take on.

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